Knight Templar Cross Sword W/ Wall Mount & Scabbard 42.7
Knight Templar Cross Sword W/ Wall Mount & Scabbard 42.7
Knight Templar Cross Sword W/ Wall Mount & Scabbard 42.7
Knight Templar Cross Sword W/ Wall Mount & Scabbard 42.7
Knight Templar Cross Sword W/ Wall Mount & Scabbard 42.7
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Knight Templar Cross Sword W/ Wall Mount & Scabbard 42.7"

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Knight Templar Cross Sword W/ Wall Mount & Scabbard 42.7"

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  • Crusader templar sword, medieval, gold version, 108cm long, 1.5kg net, 1.8kg gross, brand new, handmade, pointed, unsharpened;
  • 440 stainless steel blade, shine mirror polish, 81cm long, 3.8cm wide, 0.3cm thick;
  • Gold guard with intricate relieves and knight, and the handle 18cm, with red cross round pommel engraved with "SIGILL VMSZILIT VMXPIST". The hilt is a scaled series of concentric circles that rise from pommel to guard, set in a glossy, faded tone of brass that is both eye-catching and muted. The pommel is set with red enamel, depicting a brass knight on horseback, further adding to the weapon's knightly qualities. Set at the center of the guard is a red shield with a brass cross, and more designs of knights and griffons decorate the arms of the cross-guard;
  • Black leather wrapped metal scabbard with gold fittings in intricate details. The scabbard bears similar design elements; faded brass caps with a single red accent at the end;
  • Brown wood wall mount included;
  • The most noble of knights needs an equally noble and noteworthy sword, one befitting his chivalrous soul and stature, and no sword compares to the Intricate Knight's Sword. Nothing short of a work of art could even begin to compare to this knightly blade, as its design and detail-work are easily the work of a master. The Templars were established in the early 12th century following the First Crusade and were charged with protecting Christian pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land. Though they counted only 9 among them for nearly a decade their service soon gathered them royal favor and their numbers and wealth soared. For nearly 200 years the Templars grew in strength wealth and numbers until their extinction was mandated by Pope Clement V and King Philip IV of France out of fear of their growing power. The knights of this religious military order favored a strong but beautiful sword. This reproduction features include a heavy simulated nickel handle hand guard and fittings with black simulated leather wrapped scabbard;



Dimensions: 105X27X5CM
Features: Diecast
Material: Metal

Swords and Maintenance

        Our swords are handmade, non-sharpened and false-edged replicas. All metal swords require responsible use, care, and maintenance. Your sword should always be covered with a light coating of oil to prevent rust on the blade. Common oil could be a mixture of sewing machine oil and vaccine. Please periodically check if the hanging sword and screws are getting loose on the wall mount. 

Terms and Conditions

        You must be 16 or older, unless guided by a guardian, to purchase metal swords although these are not real weapons. Please be aware of your compliance with local and state laws to legally possess or properly use sword, knife, or dagger. We will not accept any responsibility or liability for any consequences of non-compliance.

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